f r e i t a s c r u z 

european artist [portuguese, born in paris],  josé freitascruz first showed his work in 1985 after studying law. participation in collective shows led to a first solo exhibition in 1987. earlier figurative landscapes have gradually given way to inner landscapes, more abstract in nature. the diaphanous line between microcosm and macrocosm and the hidden pulsating world beneath the surface of what we choose to call reality are central to the themes he has set out to explore. one can say, to a certain extent, that freitascruz's paintings are the maps he traces of his wanderings through the labyrinths of matter – not unlike the invisible pathways the aboriginal peoples sing of in their "dreaming-tracks" or "songlines". in his most recent, ongoing series, landscapes from now.here he addresses and attempts to transcribe his experience of extreme mobility,  loss of roots and the realization that all is now - here


freitascruz currently lives and works in maputo








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